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Providing the Southwest with the best adobe material and service available. Tucson Adobe will meet all the needs of your adobe project.

  • Experience with all types of adobe:
  • Historical
  • Unstabilized
  • Stabilized: asphalt, cement, & others

Experience with adobe design and construction. Expert service for your adobe project. Professional design and construction sources.

Welcome to our new website!

For our first blog entry on our new website, we wanted to give you a brief overview of the history of Tucson Adobe. We have many exciting stories to tell and we’re very excited to impart our experience on you, so please stay tuned for our upcoming posts.

Tucson Adobe began production of the first commercial cement stabilized adobe at our location in Avra Valley. The operation was located on property leased directly from the City of Tucson, and was acquired originally by the city for water rights, and can now only be used by low-water-use enterprises. Tucson Adobe now produces on private property it purchased in 1996.

Utilizing a Hans Sumpf laydown machine for manufacturing the adobe, Tucson Adobe attempted to make the adobe on the ground and hand stack the material on pallets. The Hans Sumpf machine was from a very successful California-based asphalt stabilized adobe maker. Although good quality could be achieved with this method, production costs proved to be too high.

One of the main cost problems was palletizing the adobe. At one time, handicapped workers performed this function economically. However, they are not available at the City of Tucson location. In order to overcome this problem, an on-pallet system was developed.

After years of modifications to the original on-pallet system, Tucson Adobe has established the state-of-the-art process we currently use. Several competitors have attempted to copy our system, but their attempts have all been unsuccessful.

Although minor changes occur at times, this basic on-pallet molding process has not changed overall in 25 years.

We look forward to sharing more stories like this one with you, as we move into our new website and migrate to this new and exciting platform. Please feel free to get in touch with us, or leave us a comment below with any thoughts or questions you may have.

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