Tucson Adobe Products are now distributed by Border Marvel.

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Providing the Southwest with the best adobe material and service available. Tucson Adobe will meet all the needs of your adobe project.

  • Experience with all types of adobe:
  • Historical
  • Unstabilized
  • Stabilized: asphalt, cement, & others

Experience with adobe design and construction. Expert service for your adobe project. Professional design and construction sources.

Tucson Adobe Products

Standard stabilized

Size Weight (lbs.) Quantity per pallet
4x4x16 12 210
8x4x16 24 105
12x4x16 34 70
16x4x16 44 52.5*


Other shapes and sizes are available by special order.

Unstabilized units are available by special order.

The following treatments are available by special order for all standard stabilized adobe:

Custom colors, high strength, extra high strength, caps (high strength, smooth top), and pavers (extra high strength, smooth top).

*Composed of 42 units of 16x4x16 and 21 units of 8x4x16.


Thin stabilized

Size Weight (lbs.) Quantity per pallet
1.5x4x16 flats 5 240
1.5x4x16 corner 7.5 96


Thin stabilized adobe is less than 15 lbs per square foot and non-structural.

All special treatments available for standard stabilized adobe are also available for thin adobe.


Other products

Adobe mortar component- the material used for the adobe masonry units combined with sand, lime and Portland cement to make stabilized mortar or combined with sand to make unstabilized mortar.

Straw fiber- used to add tensile strength to mortar.

Integral mortar color- used to match mortar with custom colored adobe units.